Make Me Forget



Bestselling romance author, Paige Mattheson, is experiencing the worst case of writer’s block. She hasn’t written a word in weeks and is struggling with the intimate scenes in her book. With deadlines quickly approaching, she goes on a weekend getaway to the beach to clear her head. She promises herself she will relax and find her true self again, along with some inspiration to see past her heartache and complete her novel.

Fun loving, Tyler Barrow, is vacationing in Montauk, New York. He is passionate about his career as a teacher and about surfing. When Tyler misses his original flight home, a miscommunication with the owner of the rental unit finds Tyler staring at a beautiful woman in his kitchen. He is instantly drawn to her and eager to find out why, even if it is only for the weekend.

Paige is initially annoyed by the naked intruder who has interrupted her quiet vacation. She sticks to the promise she made herself and tries to let go and have some fun.

Will Tyler be able to make Paige forget about her past? Will fate prove to be more than just a weekend fling even though they live on different ends of the earth?

Only time and a bestselling novel will tell.

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Make Me Forget
ISBN # 978-1-78430-721-9
©Copyright Jacqueline Anne 2015
Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright August 2015
Edited by Jamie D. Rose
Totally Bound Publishing

Chapter One
“I just need to get away for a bit,” Paige mumbled to her publisher as she stared at her
computer screen. She was more than half way done with the novel she was working on, and she’d hit a major case of writer’s block. It had been nearly two weeks since she had written a single word. Her publisher was now calling every other day to bug her, since her deadline was quickly approaching.

“Paige, you have two weeks. You need to get this book done. Fans are anxiously waiting,”
Sylvia said in a firm, yet sympathetic, tone. The director of the publishing company used to be an author herself, until her father had passed away and left the company to his middle
daughter, the only child out of five who had a love for books.

“I promise it will get done. I’ve never failed you yet,” Paige reassured her as she bit her
lip, because honestly, she wasn’t so sure this time. This would be her tenth romance novel—the last five were bestsellers—but this one wasn’t coming so easily.

“Good. Take a quick weekend getaway to relax and unwind. Get inspired and finish that
Paige ended the call and put her cell phone back on the charger.

What had changed since her last book was released? Oh right, my heart got broken by my
lying, cheating fiancé. She sighed and pushed those feelings and the blame aside.

I am a writer, dammit! I won’t let him take this from me.

While the first part of the book had flowed fairly easily, she was struggling on writing
the intimate scenes between her characters.

How is my sex drought and heartache causing the same for my characters? This can’t keep happening.

Paige rubbed her hands over her face in pure frustration. She glanced out of the window
for the millionth time today, this time taking note of a flock of geese in the pond. Her apartment complex was situated in a beautiful, private park in the heart of downtown Hartford, Connecticut. It was peaceful, a far cry from where she’d lived in New York City with her exfiancé, Justin. It was also close to everything the clean city had to offer. Paige enjoyed walking or taking the bus to wherever she needed to go. She had become a regular at the coffee shop around the block and the nearby market. They all knew her as Paige, not a bestselling romance author. She preferred it that way. She wore very little makeup and kept her clothes simple. She liked to keep to herself and didn’t want to stand out in any way.

She sighed and thought about a place to go for a long weekend. She didn’t have much
time and didn’t want to spend money on a plane ticket. Then she recalled the barista at the coffee shop recently raving about her trip to Montauk, New York. Ally had explained it to her as a quaint little town with a big fishing problem. She’d said it wasn’t too commercialized, and the beaches were beautiful and never overcrowded, unless you were at Ditch Plains Beach, which was full of surfers.

Paige looked at hotels, pulled up a vacation rental website and searched for a place
available this upcoming weekend. As she glanced through available dates, it wasn’t looking very promising.

“Damn, this place must be more popular than I thought,” she mumbled to herself as she
scrolled through the rental listings.

She finally clicked on a two-bedroom condo across the highway from the beach. Luckily,
it said it was available last minute due to a renter leaving earlier than expected. She made her reservation and arrangements with the owner. Excitement began to brew within her along with a little relief from the tension she had been feeling.

This was just what she needed.

She packed her bags and checked the ferry schedule. The high-speed ferry was set to
leave New London at eight o’clock at night. Paige did a little shopping in the quaint, historic district. She treated herself to a new dress, a pair of handmade earrings and a book.

As she strolled through town listening to a band playing in the distance, she took a deep
breath. She felt at ease here—or perhaps it was thoughts about the weekend ahead of her. She boarded the boat determined to have a good weekend. It had to be. Her career was depending on it, and lately, so was her whole demeanor. She promised herself she would let go and be free this weekend, embrace the real Paige Mattheson—the girl who loved to write, believed in true love and was a romantic at heart. She seemed to have lost the real her quite some time ago. It was about time to get her back, or maybe even discover a whole new side that had been suppressed forever.

The boat docked in Montauk near Gosman’s Dock. She went from one charming area to
another. She felt relaxed here as well. How she’d even survived two whole years in busy,
crowded New York City still surprised her. She had grown up in a decent-size Midwest town. It had a small village area where everyone gathered to shop, dine and enjoy countless activities. Big cities, on the other hand, had always overwhelmed her. She found it hard to meet people—even her neighbors—and it was never quiet. Paige had always needed a calm place, ever since she was a little girl. It had helped her get lost in her books. When she got older, she’d needed it to focus on her thoughts, stories and characters.

Paige took a cab back to her vacation retreat—or writer’s retreat sounded more appropriate. Writing was what she was here for. She had a deadline, fans waiting, and her publisher was on her ass.

She took a deep breath in, tasting the salt in the air, and trekked up the flight of stairs to
the unit. She entered the code the owner had given her on the keyless lock, walked into the condo then flipped on the lights. The condo was how it was pictured, decorated in bright, airy colors with a nautical feel—but a mess.


She assumed the cleaner didn’t have time to come by between renters. It was almost nine-thirty and she was exhausted. It would have to do for now. Tomorrow she would call the owner and request at least a partial refund.

Paige made her way to the first bedroom she saw. She couldn’t wait to get to sleep and
start her day bright and early the next morning. She glanced around and it looked perfectly
tidy, like no one had ever slept in the room. Relieved, she quickly unpacked her suitcase and got ready for bed.

As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out.

Chapter Two
Tyler had taken a few weeks to come over to the States and was beyond thrilled with his
decision. After the first couple of days in Montauk, he felt at home. He had the opportunity to surf all day and had even taught a few lessons. He loved surfing and did it whenever he could. He was passionate about it as a hobby. His other passion was his career as a teacher. He taught math at a high school back in Australia, where he also coached the boys’ soccer team.

“Glad you got to stay a few extra days. I can’t believe you missed your flight, mate.” Matt
chuckled as he took a swig of beer.

Tyler was with his buddy, Matt, at a small bar in the village of Montauk. They had met
through a surfers’ group on Facebook. After a few months of sharing their surfing stories and backgrounds, Matt had finally convinced Tyler to come visit. Tyler had been born in the United States, but his family had moved to Australia when he was a teenager. Matt had been born in Australia and had moved to the States to go to college. Both of the men were teachers and loved surfing. They definitely had a lot in common.

“I can’t believe how bad the traffic can be trying to get through The Hamptons,” Tyler
said sarcastically. He laughed, recalling Matt’s warning. He’d told him to leave a good few
extra hours early, but Tyler hadn’t listened. He’d thought it was ludicrous. Tyler had wanted to spend his last few hours in the water, not in a car. “No big deal, mate. It’s not like staying here is a hardship.” Tyler raised his beer and clinked it with Matt’s.

“I’m going to head out. Are you hitting the waves tomorrow?” Tyler asked, downing the
rest of his beer.

“Absolutely. I got some shark biscuits to teach first thing in the morning, then I’m free
the rest of the day.”

“Great. See you then.”

Tyler enjoyed the mile-and-a-half walk back to the condo. It was just past midnight and
a gorgeous, clear July night. The sky was full of stars. He walked along the road where only the sand dunes separated him from his love and passion. The sound of the ocean waves crashing always soothed him. He pondered his life. He felt at ease with almost everything. He loved his job, had a wonderful family and good friends, but there was still a void in his heart. He hoped it would be filled one day with the love he wanted. He could hear his mother’s voice. Why don’t you try one of those online dating sites? His sister and other staff members at the school were always trying to fix him up with someone. He’d tried it a few times, and the dates hadn’t gone well at all. He was twenty-eight years old and wasn’t out searching for the love of his life, but putting it in the hands of fate. It will happen when it is supposed to. Perfection couldn’t be rushed.

When he arrived back to the condo, he could still hear the rhythm of the ocean waves
through his open window. Sure it was hot out, but he didn’t care. He would rather have the
windows open with a light breeze and hear those waves than have the air conditioning blasting through his room. He stripped off all of his clothes and settled in for a nightcap.
* * * *
Tyler was awakened by the sun beaming through his window. It felt like he had just shut
his eyes. He looked at the clock, and it was a bit past seven. He took a deep breath and swore he smelled coffee brewing. Perhaps it was just his need for caffeine playing tricks on him, or the way the wind was blowing through his window.

He got up and sauntered out to the kitchen, stark naked. It was how he’d slept, how he
always did. He made his way around the corner and froze.

Standing in his kitchen, lightly tapping her fingers on the countertop as she waited for
the coffee to finish brewing, was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Her
straight, light brown hair draped over her shoulders. She was wearing boy short panties,
revealing the bottom curves of a sexy, plump ass, and a matching tank top.


The side view of her breasts looked amazing in her tight shirt. She stood on her tiptoes
reaching for a coffee mug from the top shelf. Tyler’s eyes traveled from the top of her head all the way down to her pointed toes. His breath hitched at the sight before him. All thoughts went out of his mind as he took a step…and tripped over the rug in the hallway.

Her eyes darted toward him, and she let out a high-pitched scream. She pulled a knife
from the wooden block on the counter. “Stay back,” she yelled, holding the knife away from her, preparing for battle. “Who the hell are you?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Tyler put his hands in the air to show her he was
unarmed and harmless. He tried to speak calmly to her, but his racing heart and the excitement he was experiencing was making it difficult. A small smile found his lips. This gorgeous woman was holding a knife to him and yelling at him, and it was turning him on.

The woman’s green eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she studied him.

Just then, Tyler realized he was naked. He quickly covered his junk—or tried to. His
morning wood, turned full-on erection from seeing a beautiful woman in her panties and a
tight-ass shirt, was not helping.

“Why are you in my condo?” she demanded to know.

“Your condo? It’s mine. I’ve been renting it for the past few weeks.”

She vigorously shook her head. “No, no, no. I just rented it a few days ago because it was
available this weekend. The owner told me the renter left earlier than expected.”

“I told him I needed it longer than expected because I missed my flight home. Shit. I’m
sorry. I—” Tyler took a step forward.

“Oh for crying out loud! Could you please put some pants on? I can’t talk to you while
you’re naked!”

Tyler nodded and scurried back to his room to put on a pair of shorts.

When he came back, the beautiful woman was frantically pacing the kitchen, waving the
knife around. “This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening! I am supposed to be
unwinding. I have work to do. I have a fucking book to finish,” she ranted.

“What kind of book?” Tyler was curious.

She looked over at him. “What?”

“You said you have a book to finish.”

“That is none of your business,” she said firmly.

“I’m Tyler Barrow, by the way.” He stuck out his hand for her to shake. “Nice to meet

She glanced at his hand and back at his face. “Paige.” She moved the knife to her other
hand and shook his hand firmly.

“Does Paige have a last name, or are you like Madonna or Bono and only go by one
name?” Tyler joked, but apparently she liked it since the most beautiful smile appeared on her face.

“Paige Mattheson.”

“Well, Paige Mattheson, nice to meet you. Now that we have made formal introductions,
can you please put the knife down?”

Paige glanced at the knife. “Oh…sorry.” She replaced her weapon in the wooden block
but remained close to it, as if she still didn’t know if he was a threat to her. “You scared the
shit out of me. I was trying to protect myself.”

“I’m sorry for the mix up. I can call the owner and try to figure something out.”

“Thank you, Tyler. I would appreciate that.”

“So, are you a Madonna fan or a U2 fan?”


Tyler cocked an eyebrow out of curiosity.

“I just found what you said ironic. My father made the exact same reference to Madonna
and Bono when I told him the pen name I had chosen,” Paige explained.

Tyler smiled. He got the impression she didn’t want to talk about her work, but if he had
his way, he would find out everything he could about her. Even first thing in the morning in
her pajamas and before coffee, she was absolutely beautiful. There was something else about her, aside from her natural beauty—something about her captivated him.

“I need to get dressed and run to the market for some groceries.”

Tyler nodded. Paige went to her room to get dressed. When she returned, she was
covered up a little more, dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top with her swimsuit
underneath. He still thought she looked striking with her hair all twisted up and clipped at the top of her head. She appeared to have no makeup on, and he was in awe of her.
She excused herself and walked out of the door. Even though he felt a little creepy, he
watched her through the window as she grabbed a bike from the storage unit to peddle to the local market in town.

Tyler looked around the condo and was embarrassed at the condition she’d seen the place in. It wasn’t horrible, but he was certain she had to have been shocked when she walked in and saw dishes left lying around and sand scattered all over the floor. He took some time to tidy up. It was the least he could do. He wanted to impress her, and he thought this was a good way to start.

Less than an hour later, she walked in with two bags in her hand.

She glanced around the place. “You cleaned?” she asked with a small smile.

“A little. Sorry about the condition of the place before. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting any

“Thank you. I appreciate that. Did you get a hold of him?” she questioned as she put
some food in the cupboard.


“The owner.”

“Oh, um… I called a few times, but no one answered. I left messages at both numbers.”

He’d lied.

He didn’t want either of them making other arrangements. The attraction and pull he felt
to Paige was strong. He couldn’t explain it, but he was certain it—she—was something he
wanted to explore.

She frowned and bit her lip.

He found her so fucking adorable. He wanted to pull her into his arms and taste her.

“You know, this is a two-bedroom unit,” he reminded her.

“Yeah, so?” she said with an attitude.

“Well, I am not here most of the day. I spend my days at the beach. I’m usually just here
to sleep. Do you think we can put up with each other as roommates for a few days?”

Paige let out a frustrating sigh. Do I have a choice? She could call some hotels, but they’d
been really expensive when she’d looked online, and she’d already paid for this place. “As
long as you give me space and quiet time during the day, I guess we can try to make it work. It is only for a few days,” she grudgingly agreed.

Tyler smiled at her. He walked over to her groceries and pulled out a bagel. He took a
bite, and his grin grew larger.

She scowled at him. “Really? Stealing my food? Well, roomie, aren’t we off to a great

“I’ll make it up to you when I take you out for a nice dinner tonight.” Tyler winked at her
and walked out of the door without allowing her any time to protest.

Paige stood there with her mouth gaped open. “What the hell just happened here?” She
shook her head in amazement. He’d just asked her out on a date. No, he hadn’t actually asked, he’d told her. They knew nothing about each other except for their names, and Paige knew what his package looked like. Sure she was impressed with it, but she already found him annoying. She hoped he would keep to his word and give her quiet space during the day. Her career was depending on it.

Paige grabbed her laptop and some stuff for the beach and walked across the street. It
wasn’t ideal to have her laptop near the sand and water, but she would just have to be extra careful. She was determined to get inspired and kick the worst case of writer’s block she’d ever had.

She walked up and over the small sand dune and saw the incredible body of water with
its roaring waves. The beach was fairly empty for the time being, and she was grateful for the peace and quiet.

She spread a blanket on the sand far enough back to account for high tide, which was due
to arrive around lunchtime, according to the tide table app she’d downloaded on her phone. After she lathered herself up with sunblock, she logged on to her laptop and looked at the screen. Her fingers lingered over the keys. She stared at it some more. She reread the last paragraph for the fifteenth time.


Her mind was still blank. She grunted out her frustrations and looked around the beach
for a while trying to find something—anything—that would trigger her creativity.

Still nothing.

With a frustrated sigh, Paige closed her laptop then put it back in her bag. She took a
walk to the water, barely dipping her toes in to test the temperature. Pleased with its warmth, she walked in a little more. She let the waves rush over her feet, hoping they would wash away some of her stress. She licked her lips, tasting the salty air. With her hands on her hips and her sunglasses on her face, she stared out across the ocean, hoping to find answers and inspiration. The seascape seemed endless, but she knew better. Across the deep sea was another land—a safe haven of sorts from the volatile waves. As the saying went, life is a journey, not a destination. Paige had always felt each and every destination made the journey of life—sometimes you felt like you were drowning. Other times you rode out the waves. She had lost track of herself for
a while and was set to find her next stop.

A small gust of wind brought her mind back to the present. She pushed some loose hairs
out of her face and smiled a genuine smile. It was definitely beautiful and peaceful in Montauk. Here, she was certain she would find herself again.

She picked up a few seashells as she walked back to her blanket, admiring the various
curves of each shell. Each one was different, but they were all interesting and beautiful to her, even the broken ones.

Paige lay on her belly and reached for the book she’d bought in New London, hoping
some reading would trigger her story.
* * * *
Deep in her book’s dream world of a handsome hero rescuing an attractive woman, Paige
was suddenly distracted by the noises that were growing around her. Returning to her reality, she squinted against the sun to see what all the ruckus was about. She found a bunch of surfers carrying on as they walked out of the water. She went back to her novel, in the midst of a steamy scene.


The voice sounded all too familiar to her, one she’d recently discovered earlier that
morning. She looked up and saw her naked intruder. Although this time, he was wet, wearing blue and yellow board shorts and carrying a surfboard. She was much calmer than she’d been after he’d scared the shit out of her this morning, and she wasn’t nearly as pissed off anymore. Now, she was really noticing him—all of him. His brown hair had blond sun-kissed streaks running through it. His eyes were as blue as the ocean he stood before. His body was lean and built.

Damn, it must be the sex scene I just read.

“Hey, Tyler,” she tried to say with little enthusiasm. She had to mask the heat that was
settling between her legs. It’s just the heat from the sun, she tried to convince herself.

“Is that her, mate?”

Tyler nodded as the left side of his lips curved up. He gestured for the guys to leave. He
put his board in the sand beside her blanket and took a seat, dripping water everywhere.

Paige immediately grabbed her bag, pulling it to a dry spot far away from Tyler. He gave
her a funny look.

“My laptop is in here. I don’t want you getting it all wet,” she explained as he settled onto
the blanket. “So, I take it you came to Montauk to surf.”

“I did. I needed a little vacation. Do you surf?”

Paige shook her head. Her answer was partially true. She had never been the adventurous type. She was a bookworm—always had been, always would be. Being an author was the perfect occupation for her. She locked herself in her office and was perfectly content with her computer and her characters.

“I would love to teach you,” Tyler offered.

Paige stood up. “I don’t think so, but thanks for the offer.” She started gathering her stuff.
“I need to head back to the condo and try to get some writing done.”

Tyler helped her shake the sand out of her blanket. He folded it and leaned toward her
as he handed it to her. “See you later for dinner,” he whispered and kissed her cheek. He
grabbed his surfboard and jogged toward his friends, who were already down the beach a

Paige just stood there, shaking her head, amazed by the way Tyler had once again left
her speechless. Part of her was still annoyed by him since he was interrupting her quiet plans for the weekend. Part of her was intrigued. She still knew almost nothing about him. However, she would admit she was slightly attracted to him—just a little.

She started back to the condo. She tried to keep her head high, almost forcing herself to
believe she was going to be okay, but her mind was racing. She thought about the characters in her book and attempted to visualize the next scene. Instead, her mind was immediately consumed with visions of her ex. It had to be the hurt and sexual drought she was going through. Even before she’d left Justin and New York City, it had been months since she and Justin had made love—or had sex. After finding the cheating bastard with his assistant—his married assistant—Paige had wondered if they’d ever actually made love. She thought she’d loved him, but doubt had always crept into her thoughts. The way Justin treated her when they were making social appearances made her skin crawl. For so long, she’d contributed it to their personality differences. As a talent agent, he’d always been mingling with the rich and famous. Paige had hated being dragged along. When she’d first made the bestseller’s list, he had bragged to everyone. But when people had turned their attention away from him, wanting to ask her about her books, he’d quickly changed the subject. Justin had thrived off being the center of attention. Paige, on the other hand, was more of a loner and completely fine with it.

Paige took a deep breath and dabbed at her eyes. She did not want to shed another tear
because of Justin or her writer’s block. She opened the door to the condo and welcomed the blast of cool air against her sun-warmed skin. She set down her bags on the white-tiled kitchen table then grabbed a glass of ice water before looking around the kitchen and living room areas. She thought about what had happened this morning—and her naked intruder. A smile found her lips, and she snickered at the ridiculousness of how the entire event had unfolded. It was definitely a funny story that would be worth telling for years to come.

Paige settled at the kitchen table and started up her laptop. She began rereading her book
from chapter one.

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